CV: Jamie Tresidder Southampton, Hampshire, England.

Key Skills/Attributes:

Personal Profile:

I love the internet - I am self-taught in all aspects of site engineering and programming, and I always have a personal web-related project going on in my spare time. I pick up new skills and job requirements quickly. I can work from home, an office or a combination of both, and have no aversion to non-standard hours.

I believe in reliability and flexibility through simplicity, and have developed a battle-tested, flexible methodology for building websites that are “as simple as possible, but no simpler”.

Professional Profile:

I am a hardworking, self-motivated person who is able to function as an individual, a team member or a team leader. I write clean, readable, modular code with a view to easy expansion at a later date. I can work from either strict technical requirements or a vague goal - from brainstorming, design, implementation, testing and launch all the way through to maintenance and expansion.

I am a keen programmer and can build complex data-driven sites and accompanying usage statistics and control systems. I regularly develop generic, adaptable code in my own time that can be used in the workplace.

I am very conscious of worded content for grammar, impact and relevance. I take pride in my professional work and will often research ideas in my own time to achieve a better end result. I can always find something productive to learn or do if workload is low.